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Mrs Bannister at the Spring Show April 2016

Glebe Gardening Club is back in full swing after the enforced break during the rebuild of their school.

It was lovely to see the plans they have for various gardens around the school grounds, which were on display at our Spring Show.

We had a number of very good entries from the children who entered many of the Junior Class categories.  An example of some of the work is shown below.




Glebe have installed a lovely reading garden which will be a pleasure to use once the weather gets warmer.  It is planned to have a solar powered water feature in the centre.  We have planted blue and white clematis around the outside, and look forward to seeing this grow up the trellis work.

We have made a start on the Wildlife garden and Mrs Bannister has erected a willow dome, which is a great addition to the area.  We just have to wait for the leaves to grow!

Mrs Bannister and Mrs Hampshire have also made time to overhaul the existing pond garden.  We hope to be planting a water lily and maybe other fringe plants on the edge of the pond, and re-build the slope to allow pond life to exit the water without difficulty.

It is a really exciting time to be involved in the making of these gardens, and I know that Mrs Bannister is grateful for any unwanted plants that she can grow on.  These can be for the vegetable garden, eg. excess seedlings/plants, strawberry runners and/or plants that will attract bees and butterflies for the wildlife garden.

The willow dome

Blue and white clematis will grow up the trellis

The reading garden

Our rocket science experiment

We have a set of red and blue seeds.  We do not know which of these seeds have been on the Space Station.  The object of the experiment is to see if the seeds have been affected by being in space.

We planted the seeds and this is 6 days later. For further information please see the RHS website .

The vegetable garden

The greenhouse


We like to use unwanted items to grow in. Old wheelbarrows, old tyres and even an old tin bath.